How do I know what logo will be on the table?

You will complete the Custom order form and explain what you would like. We will message back and forth and I will send a mockup of the table. Once we agree on the design, I will complete the table and send you a picture of the completed project.

How long will the custom order take?

I do my best to reach out to you the same day of purchase. You will receive the mockup within 1-2 days. I give myself 1 week to complete your order. I ship using FedEx and normally shipping take 3-4 days.

Can my Pub table be used outside?

Yes. The table comes with polyurethane on the top and is very durable. However, if left outside I would suggest leaving it under a covered area or put a cover over it, so it is not in direct contact with the elements.

Is shipping free?


Will you ship to my State?

I ship for free to the lower 48 States.

Since the Pub tables are made from rustic barrel heads, will the table be flat?

I choose only good barrel heads for my Pub Tables. I sand the barrel heads as flat as I can get them. If you prefer a Pub table more rustic, I can do less sanding. I have made over 1000 tables, so I have a good idea of what the client is wanting after discussing their project.

Can you put a design on the stool or chair top?

Yes. I can laser engrave the same logo (only smaller) on the stool or chair top or do a different design or logo. The choice is yours.

Does the barrel liquor cabinet have lights?

Yes. There will be 2 LED lights in the liquor cabinet. One under the top lid and one under the shelf. The LED lights are controlled by a remote that is included.

How is my logo or design applied to the table?

I use a laser engraver for the logos. I can still use paint if you are looking for a design with color, but most of the tables I make now are laser engraved.

Will I get tracking numbers once my item ships?

Yes I will send tracking numbers.